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About Us

As a Veteran-Owned Family Business in Mason, we are proud to provide Parts, Service, Sales and Warranty Repair on all types of Trailers & Outdoor Equipment, for both Commercial and Residential Accounts throughout the Cincinnati / Dayton area. This includes anything from Snowblowers, Generators, Mowers, Trimmers, Blowers, Tillers and Pressure Washers to Chainsaws, Sprayers, Chippers, Concrete Equipment, Tampers, Trench Diggers, Stump Grinders, Fertilizer Spreaders and so much more.

We are an Authorized Dealer for Sales of Parts & Equipment, as well as for Warranty Repair and Service on many brands, to include, but not limited to:

We also carry Parts and Service many additional brands, to include but not limited to:

We believe in providing Top-Quality Service and Quick Turn-Around on Every Repair, which is why we carry a Large Inventory of Parts for Trailers and Equipment. Issues are diagnosed quickly so that we can review recommended repairs with you and order any parts we do not have in stock while receiving 99% of them next day.

We appreciate the fact that many companies have their own maintenance team to complete the majority of their own repairs. However, as we all know, sometimes special circumstances arise where you need an outside service provider. Maybe you need a Specialist for Major Engine Repairs, Welding, Electrical, Hydraulics, Suspension, Floor/Panel Replacement or even Special Fabrication. Maybe your team is inundated with just too many repairs at one time and you simply need an outside source to help catch everything up. Aside from all the Routine Maintenance, General Service and Warranty Repairs, we can assist with anything from Chain Sharpening, Blade Sharpening & Balancing, Tune-Ups, Lights and Wiring, to Tires, Brakes, Hubs and Bearings, Complete Axle Assemblies and Installation of Mulching Kits, Striping Kits, QwikChutes and so much more.

In addition, we offer Pick-Up & Delivery, as well as After-Hours & Emergency Services. As veterans involved in our community, we offer Active Military, Veteran, EMS, Fire, Police, Teachers, Medical and Senior Citizen Discounts to give back just a small token of our Appreciation for their Service as well.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration; and please feel free to stop by, call or email any time.

Have a Blessed Day and Make it Amazing!

Dana & TJ Mihal